IRCOL Electro-Optical System Test Bench


Optical collimators offering high on-axis performance with an off-axis parabolic mirror.



Blackbody sources are reference sources used to test infrared systems. Main applications include calibration of thermographic sensors and cameras, qualification of thermal cameras and production lines of IR detectors and cores.

UV VIS SWIR Integrated Sphere Sources


Integrated sources are an international reference for reliability and ease of use. They cover the UV, VIS and SWIR spectra and, thanks to their calibrated, ultra-stable radiation, are adapted to all your testing needs for your electro-optical systems.

Night Vision Goggles (NVG) Test Set



The Night Vision Goggles Test Set is designed to test monocular or binocular systems.

Users can view the test results as real-time video while using the system, without eye strain, with a built-in touchscreen. They can do mobile tests in the fields.

OPAL Test Bench & CMOS Detectors


Specially designed solutions, compact collimator systems, test systems for IR Detectors, Special software